2016-2017 Season


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7th annual Highlight Reading Series

A play reading series that sheds light on the talents of playwrights of Middle-Eastern descent. 

Readings are free and take place in New York Theatre Workshop's 3rd Floor Rehearsal Studio: 83 East 4th Street. Please join us for refreshments after each readingRSVP@noortheatre.org.

Monday, September 26, 3pm & 7:30pm


By Ismail Khalidi
Directed By Charlotte Brathwaite
With Music By Hadi Eldebek

Featuring: Doug Chapman, Peter Ganim, Nadine Malouf, Rocco Sisto, Hadi Tabbal, and Chinaza Uche

Noor's first full length-play commission! Fleeing the famine-stricken mountains of Lebanon  during World War I, Nicola makes the journey to the U.S. Once there, he hopes to track down his relative Tanios who emigrated years before. Following information from an old letter, Nicola comes to Lakewood, a small town in the Deep South.  Finding few traces of his kin besides Tanios’ peddler cart and the conflicting information of townspeople, Nicola must ultimately navigate the treacherous lines, both real and imagined, of the Jim Crow South. Grappling with the legacies of white supremacy, immigration and assimilation, Dead Are My People is an unexpected journey to the core of American experience. Reserve your seat today: rsvp@noortheatre.org

Tuesday, November 15, 7:30pm


By Dalia Taha
Translated by Clem Naylor
Directed by Katie Pearl

Featuring Amr El-Bayoumi, Francis Benhamou, Caitlin Cassidy, Fajer Al-Kaisi, Marjan Neshat and Debargo Sanyal

In a Palestinian town, eleven year-old Lubna and twelve year-old Khalil are playing on the empty stairwell in their apartment block. As the siege intensifies outside, fear for their safety becomes as crippling as the conflict itself. Fireworks was first performed at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, Sloane Square on February 12, 2015.

Tuesday, December 13, 7:30pm


By Heather Raffo
Directed By Joanna Settle

Noura is a re-imagining of Ibsen's iconic Doll’s House. Told from inside the marriage of an Iraqi immigrant family to New York, the cultural pressures on this marriage differ from Ibsen’s, but speak both directly to modern marriage and the leaving of home. It is full of magical realism, the power of language, and the contemporary challenges of violence and ISIS.

This play comes from over three years of research in the Arab American communities in NYC. Heather worked from an embedded position with Arab American women on both the telling of their stories and the re-imagining of the many Noras in their personal lives. Noura follows an acutely relevant awakening of identity that tackles our notions of, shame, violence, assimilation, exile and love.

Spring 2017 LINEUP


May 15-16 2017

3rd Annual


News Is Fast. Theater Is Slow. Not This Time.

A fan favorite! The third annual headline-inspired festival will bring together five playwrights, five directors, and twenty actors to create five short plays in just 48-hours based on the news of the day.

Details to come!