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Earlier this month we brought Dead Are My People to the stage as part of NYTW’s Next Door Series and we couldn’t have done it without you. Our first full-length commission, this original American musical broke new ground by including songs sung in Arabic and revealing a slice of history—Arab immigrants in the Jim Crow South—about which we rarely hear. We’re proud to be pushing boundaries and want to continue bringing innovative new work to our stage.

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Are you an actor, playwright, director, designer, or musician of Middle Eastern descent? Perhaps a stage manager or a technician or a singer? We want to know about you! Part of Noor’s mission is to support theatre artists of Middle Eastern descent by recommending them to producers or other artists in the field, and considering them for future work with Noor. If you are interested in adding your detailed information to our database, please fill out our new online form here.  Even if we already know you, please fill it out anyway to help us learn more details about gifts and talents.

April 26, 2017

A Call for Equity and Inclusion:

An Open Letter to U.S. Theaters from Members of the Middle Eastern American Theater Community

As a community of Middle Eastern American theater artists of varying races, cultural backgrounds, religions, sexual and gender identities, worldviews and artistic aesthetics, we believe the entire theater industry has a responsibility to create a more equitable and inclusive structure for presenting marginalized voices.  

Playwrights Horizons is currently producing Zayd Dohrn’s The Profane, a play that follows two Muslim, presumably Middle Eastern American families. We are deeply concerned by the lack of representation on the lead creative or producing team from the communities being portrayed on stage. Members of the Middle Eastern American theater more.