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Founding executive Director Maha Chehlaoui Says Goodbye to Noor

Maha has been an extraordinary leader in the Middle Eastern American theatre community. We thank her for her talent, dedication and vision and wish her the utmost success on the next steps of her journey. We love you, Maha!

Dear Friends,

I will be stepping down as Noor's Executive Director as of this August. When Lameece Issaq invited me aboard 8 years ago, I had no idea what an integral part of my life Noor would become. Our artists and audience members are now my biggest sources of inspiration as well as some of my nearest and dearest friends. Noor means light, and I have been blessed to bask in the light of you all for years. 

I became an artistic producer (Nibras Theatre Collective, New York Arab American Comedy Festival, Noor) in the aftermath of 9/11. It was a very complex and trying time for all of us in New York and around the world. I saw first more. 

noor wins an obie award!

may 23, 2016

Noor Theatre has been honored with an Obie Award, specifically an Obie grant that recognizes the achievements of small theater companies. We are so proud to have been awarded and thrilled to see our own Arian Moayed honored for his gorgeous acting in Guards at the Taj (along with our longtime friend Omar Metwally!). Click here for the full list of winners. 

We share this award with our incredible community of artists. Thank you for your generosity and talent - you are the reason we exist. And to our supporters and audience members - thank you for cheering us along and showing up to our work. We hope you all share in our pride!

Citation for Noor Theatre from the Obie judges:

"Some people in this country want to build a wall to keep strangers out. Others want to open doors, to let us into their lives and keep us from being strangers to one another. The theater is a place where people can talk, and understanding can grow. The judges are very proud this year to honor a theatre that says up front that it wants to change the dialogue, to engage, and enlighten as well as entertain. It produces work by playwrights of Middle Eastern origin, shining a light on a culture that most Americans know only through mass-media stereotypes. To help them keep that light shining, the judges have voted an Obie grant to Noor Theatre, Lameece Issaq, Founding Artistic Director and Maha Chehlaoui, Founding Executive Director."