Production History


2010-2011 Season

Fall 2010

1st Annual Highlight Reading Series

September 13th

Forgotten Bread

Written by Sevan Greene

Directed by Johanna McKeon

With Noel Allain, Jacqueline Antaramian, Kim Morgan Dean, Ramsey Faragallah, Sevan Kaloustian Greene, Piter Marek, Michele Rafic, Peter Sabri, Sona Tatoyan, Tamar Vezirian, and Audra Wahhab

October 18th

Jihad Jones and the Kalashnikov Babes

Written by Yussef El Guindi

Directed by Pippin Parker

With David Wilson Barnes, Peter Ganim, Daoud Heidami, Jenny Seastone Stern, Emily Swallow & Michelle Vanegas

November 15th

The Hour of Feeling

Written by Mona Mansour

Directed by Sharon Lennon

With Maria Cellario, Dan Coleman, Ramsey Faragallah, Peter Ganim, Polly Lee, Piter Marek, and Rasha Zammamiri


December 13th

Fit for the Queen: A Tragicomedy

Written by Betty Shamieh

Directed by Lisa Peterson

With Kathleen Chalfant, Demosthenes Chrysan, Lanna Joffrey, Laith Nakli, Michele Rafic, Ariel Shafir, Ted Sod, and Rasha Zamamiri

Spring 2011

March 26th

Presentation of a reading of

Our Sweet Life By the Atlantic Ocean

By Houshang Touzie

Directed by Shidan Majidi

With Shohreh Aghdashloo, Houshang Touzie, Keon Mohajeri, Dina Shihabi and Barzin Akhavan

Co-produced with the Persian Arts Festival

April 28th

BEginnings @ Happy Endings

A presentation of stand up and short stories

With Meena Dimian, Negin Farsad, Lanna Joffrey, Jacob Kader, Lena Rizkallah, and Tamar Vezirian.

Presented with The BE Company

2011-2012 Season

Fall 2011

2nd Annual Highlight Reading Series

September 19th

I Am Yusef and This is My Brother

By Amir Nizar Zuabi

Directed by Erin Mee

With Sevan Greene, Kathryn Kates, Marjan Neshat, Jesse Presler, Ryan Shams, Ted Sod, Babek Tafti and Sona Tatoyan

November 14th

The Strangest

By Betty Shamieh

Directed by May Adrales

With Barzin Akhavan, Jacqueline Antaramian, Amir Arison, Ruba Audeh, Ramsey Faragallah, Andrew Guilarte, Lana Joffrey, and Daniel Pierce.

December 5th


Written and performed by

Denmo Ibrahim

Directed by Isis Saratial Misdary

Spring 2012

March 16th

A festival of short plays commissioned by Noor Theatre. Co-presented with Noor Theatre and The NY Center for Architecture

Building A New

By Jacob Kader, Ismail Khalidi, Mona Mansour, Tala Manassah, Sam Neave, Daria Polatin, Heather Raffo, Najla Said and original music from composer Rona Siddiqui.

Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh.

With Leila Buck, Yusef Bulos, Piter Marek, Eric Miller, Michele Rafic, Darrill Rosen, Najla Said, and Daniel Shamoun.


May 18 – June 24th

New York Theatre Workshop and Noor Theatre present

Food and Fadwa

By Lameece Issaq & Jacob Kader

Directed by Shana Gold

Assistant director Noelle Ghoussaini

With Maha Chehlaoui, Lameece Issaq, Kathryn Kates, Arian Moayed, Laith Nakli, Heather Raffo & Haaz Sleiman

Set Design: Andromache Chalfant

Lighting Design: Japhy Weideman

Sound Design: Jane Shaw

Costume Design: Gabriel Berry

Production Stage Manager Lindsey Turteltaub

2012-2013 Season

Fall 2012

3rd Annual Highlight Reading Series

November 12th

The Prophet

By Hassan Abdul Razzak

Directed by Kareem Fahmy

With Barzin Akhavan, Leila Buck, Ramsey Faragallah, Adi Hanash, and Laura Piquado

Co-presented with The Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

Spring 2013

April 4th

A reading from Ibn Daniyal’s Trilogy of

The Shadow Spirit

Translated and edited by Dr. Marvin Carlson

and Safi Mahfouz

Directed by Lisa Peterson

With Jacqueline Antaramian, Maha Chehlaoui, Michael Crane, Demosthenes Chrysan, Peter Ganim, Babak Tafti and Rasha Zamamiri

Co-presented with The Segal Center at CUNY

May 18th & 20th

A Workshop Presentation of:

The Myth Project

Featuring excerpts from:

Phoenicia Flowers

Written & directed by Noelle Ghoussaini

With LaCrisha Brown, Tucker Bryan, Fahim Hamid and Corey Triplett

The In-Between

Written & directed by Kareem Fahmy

With Leila Buck, Joe Curnutte, Eric T. Miller & Babak Tafti

I Am Gordafarid

Conceived and directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Assistant Director Sanaz Ghajarrahimi

Written and performed by Tala Ashe, Layla Khoshnoudi and Sade Namei

2013-2014 Season

Fall 2013

4th Annual Highlight Reading Series

September 23

Sabra Falling

By Ismail Khalidi

Directed by Noelle Ghoussaini

With Leila Buck, Demosthenes Chrysan, Gamze Ceylan, Laith Nakli, Ariel Shafir, Hadi Tabbal and Sheila Vand

October 7th


Ibn Daniyal Trilogy

Translation By Dr. Safi Mahfouz And Dr. Marvin Carlson

Directed By Lisa Peterson

With Fajer Al-Kaisi, Maha Chehlaoui, Demosthenes Chrysan, Michael Crane, Kathryn Grody, Heather Raffo

November 18th


By Rahaleh Nassri

Directed By Sarna Lapine

With Barzin Akhavan, Fajer Al-Kaisi, Tala Ashe, Yair Ben-Dor, Demosthenes Chrysan, Ariya Ghahramani, Sarah Nina Hayon, Kathryn Kates, Leyla Modirzadeh, Alex Morf, Al Nazemian, Matt Saldivar, Babak Tafti and Alok Tewari

December 4-8th

Myth In Motion

Co-produced with Rutgers-NJIT Theatre Program

Written and Performed by The Ensemble

Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Associate director Maha Chehaloui

With Michael Castillo, Michael Chiappa, Yasmine Gharib, Simon Guinto, Eric Holzer, Diana Hwaga, Brian O’Mahoney, Ahmier Mincy, Allison Mitchell, Jessica Perez, Marjorie Sullivan, Michael Watts

Scenic & Costume design Mary Elizabeth O’ Haire

Assistant Director & Stage Manager Sunjo Hendricks

Lighting design Dan Drew & Raymond E. Gintner IV

Sound design Eric Johnson

May 1-4

A Workshop Production of

The Myth Project

4th Street Theatre, NYC


Scenic & Props designer Starlet Jacobs

Costume & Make Up designer Lisa Renee Jordan

Lighting designer Joe Thompson

Sound Designer/Composer Mark Van Hare


Production Stage Manager Nicole Marconi

Assistant Stage Manager Carina Teoh

Production Assistant Michael Abourizk

Phoenicia Flowers

Written & directed by Noelle Ghoussaini

With Monte Bezell, LaChrisha Brown, Peter Ganim, Fahim Hamid and Imran Sheikh


The In-Between

Written & directed by Kareem Fahmy

With Leila Buck, Sara Buffamanti, Alex Grubbs, Eric T. Miller and Babak Tafti


I Am Gordafarid

Conceived and directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Assistant Director Sanaz Ghajarrahimi

With Layla Khoshnoudi, Leyla Modirzadeh, and Sade Namei