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As we reckon with the events unfolding around us—from the Supreme Court upholding the travel ban aimed at Muslims, to 45’s declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel—we at Noor have doubled down on our efforts to counteract dangerous narratives by creating relevant art that puts Middle Eastern artists front and center. Noor Theatre exists to counteract dangerous narratives by supporting, developing and presenting the work of theater artists of Middle Eastern descent.

Please help us raise $20,000 to support our urgent and vital mission.

One year from now, Noor will produce its second full-length production, Dead Are My People, a play with music by Ismail Khalidi, and original compositions by Hadi Eldebek. This powerful new work explores the legacy of white supremacy through the eyes of Arab immigrants navigating the Jim Crow south. Its music fuses classical Arabic sounds with that of the Deep South, creating a rich, moving soundscape.

The intersecting themes in this play are urgently in need of exploration. This last year we have seen the dangerous rhetoric of our current administration against Arabs and Muslims grow, and have watched in horror as its members defend and support white supremacists and those who threaten, intimidate and abuse our brothers and sisters of color. Dead Are My People illuminates our present day ills by reaching back into oft-unexplored Arab-American history.

Noor’s work is a beacon in these challenging times – and is urgently needed. Please help us raise $20,000 to support this powerful and necessary piece.  

RESIST by supporting NOOR.

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