9/11/2001 & 11/9/2016.

Two significant dates in American history. Middle Eastern and Muslim Americans have been contending with the aftermath of September 11th for nearly two decades: loss of civil liberties; dangerous, one-sided narratives in news and media; Islamophobia; hate crimes; the rise of extremism; senseless wars abroad; and an unforgivable refugee crisis.

November 9th we awoke to find our nation deeply shaken– and the effects of the election already crystallizing. Hate crimes are now on the rise and the threat of a Muslim registry looms. The divisive rhetoric that galvanized Trump’s campaign seems likely to be carried into the White House without apology, subsequently giving license to news outlets, commentators, and ordinary citizens to air their anti-immigrant, anti-Arab, anti-Islamic, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-minority opinions with impunity.

Noor Theatre exists to counteract these dangerous narratives by supporting, developing and producing the work of artists of Middle Eastern descent.

In May 2017, we will produce our 3rd Annual 48 Hour Forum, a festival bringing together a diverse roster of playwrights, directors and actors to spin current news stories into short plays in just forty-eight hours. Theatre artists of all backgrounds collaborate with artists of Middle Eastern descent to discuss events that directly affect our Middle Eastern communities here and abroad. Many of our fellow minority groups are under threat of attack with this new administration, and coming together to create relevant art is not only critical, but powerful and affecting.

Noor’s work is a beacon in these challenging times – and is urgently needed. Please help us raise $15,000 to support our vital mission.

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